SeaFair Germany GmbH in Hamburg was founded in 2008 as Corp. Head Office of the SeaFair  Group by Mr Peter Doeschner. Worldwide ocean, air and road transportation have been the  company’s core business to-date. The development of the SeaFair Group started on the trade lane from Northern Europe to Chile,  where our first overseas office was opened at the same time in early 2008. Still today, the trade  with Chile is traditionally one of our main activities.  During the last years, we could successfully establish our branches in Peru, Ecuador, the United  States and the United Kingdom. Today, more than 100 people work with SeaFair around the world, dedicating their professional experience and know-how to the high quality of our services. Our network of agents around the world guarantees a seamless connection of these countries with the major global sourcing and distribution markets, ensuring a smooth handling of every  transport. Our company  © 2019 SeaFair Imprint