Our U.S. Corporate Office in Miami  Thorsten Loest  Managing Director  Phone: (786) 507 0150  Email: thorsten.loest@seafairgroup.com  Michael Daum   Corp. Manager Compliance (located in New York)  Phone: (732) 709 3722  Email: michael.daum@seafairgroup.com  Team of SeaFair USA LLC (Corp. Office)  Here you find the direct link to the U.S. Corporate Office of  SeaFair USA LLC.  Our team in Miami, FL is looking forward to receiving your  email or phone call to assist you:  SeaFair USA LLC  9901 NW 106th Street Suite 5  Medley, FL 33178 USA  Phone: +1 (786) 507 0155  Fax:     +1 (786) 507 0156  Email: usa.info@seafairgroup.com  © 2019 SeaFair Legal/privacy