SeaFair employs for shipment processing our state-of-the-art IT system consisting of integrated freight  management software. Key benefits are system-wide, corporate databases which allow changes and  regulatory adaptations to be automatically and immediately available to any user and any function. As this system is globally deployed in all countries where SeaFair maintains a presence, the advantages are clear; data need to be input only once, eliminating data entry errors by duplicate keystrokes.  Export shipments in the country of origin can be converted by a single keystroke into import shipments in the country of  destination. All shipping documents are available at any place a user is accessing the system for download and printing. Our IT system supports document management, consisting of storing, collating and archiving of any  electronic document, not only limited to those created in the freight management software. EDI  messaging allows transfer of data to and from our customers, agents, partners, and any other third party (e.g. carriers, airlines) using EDI messaging. Two levels of web-based tracking and tracing allow 24/7 access to shipment information. “Quick Tracking allows a user to access basic shipment info based on Container-, Bill of Lading-, or Airwaybill numbers,  whereas “PO Tracking” requires an assigned login, and providing detailed information regarding shipment status and shipment particulars, e.g. commodities, weight, volumes, container contents, PO details, etc. Last, but certainly not least, SeaFair is proud to offer Supply Chain Management / Purchase Order  Management as a strategic addition to our logistics service portfolio. Extending way beyond traditional  transportation services, the handling and control of order fulfillment activities from supplier, across  warehouses and carriers to receiving customer warehouse on PO or SKU level have become decisive  factors for staying competitive.  Key elements are the visibility and traceability and thus, control for our customers along the supply chain. We offer: Globally deployed IT systems EDI Messaging Electronic Document Management PO Management / SCM Web-based Track & Trace 24/7 with two level access Logistics & cargo management  © 2019 SeaFair Legal/privacy