To help prevent terrorist weapons from being transported to the United States, ocean carriers  bringing cargo to the United States are required to transmit certain information to US Customs and  Border Protection about the cargo they are transporting prior to lading that cargo at foreign ports.  This reporting is known as AMS – Advanced Manifest System.  In 2008, AMS was complemented by ISF – importer Security Filing, which requires generally the  importer of record and carriers to submit additional information pertaining to cargo to CBP before  the cargo is brought into the United States by vessel. This is also known as 10+2 requirement,  requiring the importer of record to submit 10 data elements and the carrier 2 data elements.  ISF information must be submitted to CBP by way of CBP-approved electronic data interchange  system. When using Seafair USA LLC’s ISF services, we will support importers of record in the  collection of information needed from overseas for ISF transmissions. Additionally, we can arrange  for ISF – single transactions bonds, for importers who do not have a continuous bond with CBP in  place. Seafair USA LLC guarantees timely ISF processing eliminating the risk of fines and reducing the risk  of cargo being stopped overseas or in US port of entry for reasons of non-compliance with this  regulation. Our services:  • State-of-the-art, CBP-approved data interchange system • If desired, we offer self-filing by importers of record via our web-based software  • Assistance in the collection of data required  • Timely processing of shipments  • Competitive pricing  Importer Security Filing (ISF)  © 2019 SeaFair Legal/privacy