SeaFair UK operates regular consolidation services to the entire American continent. On a weekly or  forthnightly basis, we offer sailings to South America’s East and West Coast, to Central America and  the Caribbean, as well as to all major ports and cities in the United States.  Our customers can deliver their goods to receiving stations throughout the UK. You can download a  list of our receiving stations here.  Please click on the links below to find out more about the destinations served, and to get the latest  sailing schedule: ● Service to South America (East and West Coast) ● Service to Central America ● Service to the Caribbean ● Service to the United States All other destinations in the world which are not covered by SeaFair’s own consolidation service  network, will be served in close co-operation with partner companies, to ensure that our clients can  ship all around the globe, enjoying the personal service of SeaFair. Consolidation services (LCL)  © 2019 SeaFair Legal/privacy