Import  At SeaFair we maintain longstanding relationships with our import customers. Over the years, we  have closely grown together.  This means a great acknowledgement to us of our daily work. Our import product which we have continuously developed and improved in the past years,  includes:  Consolidation cargo (LCL) from the Far East  Our service network guarantees a highly-standardized concept with high sailing frequencies. For  consolidation in Asia we use strategically-located hubs, offering connections to all regional outports  within 48 hours.  Full container services (FCL) from all over the world  SeaFair's global annual cargo volume, combined with our strategic longterm carrier relations,  enables us to quote very competitive freight rates, also during peak times! Because we really buy  globally, not locally.   Special commodities  At SeaFair, we could continuously increase imports of foodstuffs, especially from the United States  to Europe. This makes us an experienced logistics provider for the entire supply chain of food and  perishable goods. In cooperation with our U.S. offices located in New York, Miami and Los Angeles,  we provide a one-stop-shopping solution and ensure equipment availability and smooth handling of  customs procedures. Also hazardous, bulk and high-value shipments are in good hands with SeaFair. Our customers in the automotive, consumer or rubber industry have successfully outsourced  following tasks to SeaFair: Worldwide distribution, warehousing, pick-and-pack and cross trades. Transportation for private individuals Besides commercial transportation, we have also been offering forwarding services to private  persons since the founding of SeaFair in 2008. We are known as a logistics provider for people  travelling South America with their motorbikes, arranging the re-import of their vehicles, caravans,  equipment and personal belongings back to Europe, including full assistance with customs  procedures. Also, SeaFair can assist with private relocation overseas, in cooperation with specialized forwarders and agents. For a seamless operation and our high service quality, it is crucial for us to work independently. This  is why all international SeaFair offices around the world hold all necessary bonds and licenses in  order to comply with local legal requirements and customs procedures. Our global know-how makes  sure that all types of cargo will be handled with care.  Sustainable success is our goal, but it is a mutual effort. You see - we take your business  personally. © 2019 SeaFair Imprint